What science topic are you interested in learning more about?

Get ideas from your teacher, parents, friends, science books, newspaper articles, television, Internet, etc. Find a topic you are interested in. ScienceBuddies.org has a fantastic Topic Selection Wizard where you take a short quiz on what interests you and how much time you have to complete your project. It gives you suggestions based on your responses.

Choose Your Type of Project

Students may choose one of the following project types. Older students (4th and 5th grades) are encouraged to do an “Experiment” project or an “Engineering” project. While planning and executing your project, please follow public health guidelines especially in regards to Covid-19

Types of Projects

  1. Demonstration-Showing a scientific principle in action

o Examples --> How does a magnet work? What is an electric circuit? Can air pressure crush a can?

  1. Model-Making a smaller, less complicated version to show a scientific principle

o Examples --> Making a radio, computer, telescope, periscope, volcano

  1. Collection-Gathering and classifying objects to show a scientific principle

o Examples --> rock collection, insect collection, leaf collection

  1. Survey-Collecting and interpreting data (Surveys differ from experiments because variables are not manipulated and no scientific principle is illustrated)

o Examples --> Which fast food restaurant uses the most paper? Do girls or boys have longer "pinky" fingers? Which weatherman has more accurate forecasts?

  1. Experiment-Evidence of the scientific method is present in your presentation

o Variables are manipulated and controlled

o Data is collected, recorded, and interpreted

o Experiments are repeatable. Similar results are collected and patterns should emerge from a large sample size or multiple trials.

  1. Engineering- Evidence of the engineering design process is present in your presentation

o Clearly defined problem

o Background research with bibliography

o Specify requirements of end product

o Show brainstorm of multiple solutions where the best solution was chosen

o Develop the solution, build a prototype, test and redesign


You have a couple of options here. Choose a presentation type that works for you. Send in a short video (2-5 mins) of you explaining your project, or send in photos and an explanation of your experiment. Something we can post on the website that shows your hard work and teaches us something new.

Note: Posting on the website is not a requirement to receive a raffle entry. We just want to be able to see what all of our Wildcat friends worked on.