How do I submit my project?

Email your project along with your parent permission/submission form to science@lwptsa.org.

Can I work together with a friend or sibling on a project?

Yes. It is an important skill for scientists to be able to work together. Please be sure to use proper social distancing and wear masks when working in person with someone that does not live in your household.

What if I don’t want my project posted online? Can I still earn raffle entries?

We want to see and share all of your hard work and the things you learned with other Wildcats, however we recognize that not everyone wants to have an online presence. You can still earn a raffle entry for your project if you send it in with your submission form indicating that you do not want it posted online. You can also earn a raffle entry by doing a virtual or at home science activity regardless of whether you submit a science project.

What if I want to do more than one science activity?

Go for it! Have fun exploring and learning; however, only one raffle entry will be awarded no matter how many science activities you complete.

How do I earn raffle entries?

You can earn a maximum of 2 raffle entries, one for submitting a science project and one for completing a virtual/at home science activity.

Do I have to do a science project to earn a raffle entry?

We encourage everyone to do a science project. It does not need to be a professional and super involved project. What is most important is that you have fun and learn something new. That being said, you can earn a raffle entry by completing one of the virtual/at home science activities even if you did not submit a science project.

What are the raffle prizes?

Since many locations are currently closed or running with very limited capacity, we are limiting our raffle prizes this year to Scholastic books and science kits donated by the PTSA.

How will I get my raffle prize?

Names drawn will be posted both on the science fair website and the Lake Wilderness PTSA Facebook page on Friday May 21, 2021. If you are one of the lucky winners, your item will be delivered to your classroom if you are currently attending a hybrid class or if you are still 100% online, your item will be available at the next supply pickup.